Can You Buy Instagram Likes For a Raffle?

When it comes to the popularity of Instagram account, the page likes are extremely important. If an account has many likes, it not only enjoys a high status but is also suggested to more potential fans.
When you create a new Instagram account, it usually takes some time to get a few hundred fans. And building organic reach is really time-consuming. Many site operators like to organize Instagram competitions to Get More Instagram Followers, generate reach and strengthen customer relationships.
Here we explain how to make a successful raffle on Instagram and if Buy Instagram Likes Cheap makes sense.
Rules For Instagram Sweepstakes
Raffles on Instagram should be an integral part of your brand strategy online. However, it is not just about a creative idea and committed participants, but also about the fact that they also correspond to the legal foundations of the social network. And you have to pay attention to a whole lot of things.
In 2013, Instagram relaxed its raffle policy. Until then, such actions could only be done via an app, but not directly on the Instagram account. However, keep in mind that even now it is forbidden to use personal chronicles to run sweepstakes. In addition, solicitations such as "Share your chronicle entry to increase your odds of winning" or tagging friends are still prohibited.
The terms of use for an Instagram account under point III E include the promotion guidelines for the social media platform. These rules for competitions and raffles state, among other things, that competitions with advertising character must be recognizable as such and must have easily accessible conditions of participation. In these, the following points must be mentioned:
  • Who is the organizer of the raffle?
  • Who is eligible?
  • What is the period for the Instagram competition?
  • What do you have to do to enter the competition?
  • What is profit?
  • How are the winners identified and informed about their winnings?
  • What happens if a winner does not answer?
For data protection reasons, it must also be pointed out that the data collected will only be used for the competition.
Most sites publish the winner of the raffle in a post on their Instagram account. But this is only allowed if the participants have been informed in advance. A brief note in the terms and conditions, such as "The participant agrees that his name will be published on the raffle website in the event of winning," is sufficient.
In addition, you must also point out that the raffle is not affiliated with Instagram.
You do not have to publish the terms of participation and privacy statements directly in the competition game post - that would be really confusing. Instead, you can simply create a sub-page on your website and then link to it in the appropriate post.
Buy Instagram Likes Cheap for Sweepstakes
The number of Instagram Likes Cheap shows fans and customers how popular a page is. It does not matter if they are international fans or not. Because hardly anyone who looks at an Instagram account, checks in detail where the fans come from. Generally speaking, one can not differentiate between Buying Instagram Likes Cheap on a fan page and organic likes. However, you should make sure that your follower numbers do not increase too suddenly.
Therefore, we recommend that you first buy smaller contingents, for example, 100 followers. If an account with a few hundred likes suddenly has thousands of new Instagram fans overnight, then users and other site owners may become skeptical. In the worst case, your own site loses credibility and reputation.
Social Media Daily has no offer that includes the purchase of Likes for sweepstakes. Instead, we offer you generally bought Likes for your account. It often makes more sense to build a bigger fanbase first before starting a raffle. Instead of just getting more Instagram fans for action in the short term, you can use our help to increase your followers over the long term.
Are likes for Instagram competitions legal?
Again and again, the question arises: Are Likes buying legal on Instagram? Generally one must consider that Instagram prohibits the purchase of Likes. Whether the purchase is unlawful, however, has not yet been decided by the German courts. The regional court Stuttgart said to the fan purchase that a company may not advertise with bought fans or "Like" -notes (decision of 06.08.2014, Az .: 37O 34/14). In contrast, the LG Hamburg decided in a judgment of 10 January 2013 (Ref .: 327 O 438/11) that clicking the "Like" button is merely a non-binding statement of favor. It does not represent a positive assessment of the company and therefore no competitive advantage or misleading.
In practice, we have not been aware of a case in which companies or private persons can be bought by the likes of Likes. has come into trouble with social networks or competitions via Social Media Daily. We have many years of experience in this area and many satisfied customers rely on our expertise. Whether German Instagram page or international Page- convince yourself of our reliable service. International Instagram Likes has never been easier. Contact us. We are happy to make you a customized offer for your Instagram page.